Meet Brie

Ever considered Physical Therapy for women’s health issues? Our Women’s Health Specialist Brie is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to her patients. Read more about what Physical Therapy can do for Women’s Health.



Women’s health issues such as urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, chronic pelvic pain, and pregnancy related pain can all be intimidating. Perhaps it is the lack of information and understanding of what’s going on in their bodies that makes women anxious about these issues. Or maybe it is the very personal and private nature of their diagnosis or symptoms that causes women to avoid treatment. It is very likely many women don’t even know that these problems can be very successfully treated with physical therapy. We want to spread the word. It doesn’t have to be scary! We are here to help.

During your initial visit, your women’s health physical therapist will take the time to get an in depth understanding of your symptoms and their history. She will also explain the physical therapy treatments available to you and address all of your concerns about this type of physical therapy intervention.

During all of your visits, your women’s health physical therapist will apply many of the same physical therapy treatments used for other parts of the body in order to help address your symptoms. These include patient education, muscle re-training, soft tissue work, and exercises.

Our women’s health physical therapist is able to address all musculoskeletal contributions to the particular symptoms you are dealing with since she treats general orthopedics in addition to having specific training in treating the issues specific to women’s health physical therapy.


Brie Oneal, DPT, graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Business Administration and a concentration in Accounting. She later returned to school to follow her passion in physical therapy and graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University. Since graduating she has been practicing in the Seattle area focusing in manual therapy and outpatient orthopedics. She began specializing in Women’s Health Physical Therapy in 2010 and continues to expand her expertise through the Pelvic Rehab Institute, originally founded by Kathe Wallace, PT, BCB-PMD, and Hollis Herman, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, WCS, BCB-PMD. She is trained in intravaginal manual treatment and the care of patients during pregnancy and post partum. She is a member of the Women’s Health Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Sections of the APTA. Brie is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to her patients to allow them to be healthy and maintain improvements long after finishing physical therapy. She enjoys helping patients discover their own unique needs and goals and providing them with the tools and knowledge to reach them.

Outside of work, Brie enjoys spending time with her husband and two very active sons exploring, hiking, swimming, skiing, and running.

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